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use poison gas on its citizens and the u.s. will hold the assad regime accountable. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, after facing sniper fire, u.n. inspectors arrived at the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack in syria.. we have the latest on the investigation, and look at options on the table for a u.s. response. >> ifill: a massive wildfire near yosemite national park has engulfed more than 200 square miles, threatening key sources of water and power for the city of san francisco. jeffrey brown gets the latest on the dangerous blaze. >> woodruff: we continue our march on washington conversation series, as a father and son reflect on what that event has young people were found with courage and some often radical symptoms, i wouldn't have the >> ifill: and we close with the story of army staff sergeant ty michael carter, who received the nation's highest military honor today for his bravery druing the war on afghanistan. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by
's it for us. >>> breaking news, the u.s. moves closer to war. u.s. officials telling cnn that navy destroyers could execute a mission in syria within hours of the president's orders. >>> plus, an update on the three women held captive for a decade in cleveland's house of horrors and why the city is demolishing even more homes around castro's house today. >>> plus, a massive wildfire continues to burn out west. san francisco's water and power supply now being threatened. let's go "out front." >> anyone could claim this attack is contrived or fabricated needs to check their own moral compass. what is before us today is real and it is compelling. president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> so what's the reaction from syria? cnn's fred pleitgen has rare, inside access to damascus and cnn is the only western television network in damascus right now. hi, fred. tell us, quhas the reaction from the ground there? >> reporter: hi, jessica. you know, the syrian government hi, fred. tell us,
for us. you see it all over. and here it is, in your hometown. >> reporter: state police say the shooter had an ongoing property dispute with the township. he's in police custody this morning. preeti arla, abc news, washington. >> we'll, of course, stay on top of that story and bring you any developments. >>> and another scene we've been watching overnight, a fast-moving wildfire that's threatened hundreds of homes in southern california. the fire started in cleveland national forest and grew quickly, as temperatures neared 100 degrees. residents in the town of lake elsinore were forced to leave as ash rained down on their homes and entire neighborhoods were enveloped in smoke. a dc-10 was called in to drop fire retardant. but there is good news. some residents have now been able to go back home as crews are making progress. >>> more news breaking overnight. air travelers could face delays this morning after a global ticketing system crash. the sabre system is used by hundreds of airlines at more than 100 airports around the world. among the u.s. airlines affected are jetblue, american a
study is out from the cdc, shows how poorly americans are sleeping. prescription drug use to help with sleep on the rise. why are so many people having such a hard time sleeping and what can you do to get a better night's rest? i myself will be learning something in this. >> that's a big topic around this office. i will tell you. also, it is back to school time. kids hate it. check out mom, couldn't be happier, we are celebratory dance apparently an annual tradition is going viral. her kids, eh, not so thrilled about it. >> i like the shuffle step, approval over the twerk. big news this morning, let's get to it, the big decision on syria. president obama says the syrian government attacked its own people with chemical weapons. the president heads to congress to make the case as the u.s. seems to be ramping up, however, one of its key allies, britain is slowing things down. the question is what zp they find? we begin with barbara star at the pebt gone. >> good morning, chris. britain and washington will be releasing details on what it has about assad killing his own people. preside
low until the middle of 2015. the dow is down 93 points in the end of the session. joining us for more is kevin doran, senior fund manager at branchially kimling. we did have u.s. stocks up record highs during the week. it sort of seems like we have been priced for perfection. what is the risk over the next couple of weeks, do you think? >> i think the risk you got over the next couple of weeks is the markets rely on easing, production of new money, and, of course, as the economy does pick up, you would think that would be good news. but market is interpreting that as bad news because that leads to a quicker taper. >> yeah. earnings, what do you think of earnings? >> earnings on the whole have been okay. really sector by sector. the banks have a strong reporting season. but elsewhere you're not seeing a lot of top line growth. it is a combination of cost causing measures, not great in terms of top line growth and that's causing pause in the main stable market. on the flip side, you have the banking sector which i consider one of the strongest reporting seasons for some time. >> we'll t
want to bring in the analyst. david: we do, indeed. he joins us from the chicago cme . also, jamie cards is with us, harris financial group managing partner. good to see. what do you think of lions gate? >> i think that it is better than disney. that's all say about that. david: that's not saying once. they have been doing so well. >> i'm trying to stay away from all that speculation. all i know is that decides whether traders believe to be a good movie, it is really not one member year -- david: i have to interrupt you because we go from hunger games to william shatner at priceline. >> another beat on both lines. and earnings per share of $9.70. expecting $9.306 on revenue of over one and a half billion. just to give you an idea, they are expecting that the gross domestic travel bookings will be up 5-10% in the third quarter. international gross travel bookings in the third -- fourth quarter of 32-39 percent, so expecting this growth will continue. liz: hotel and vacations for this current earnings release accounted for 48 percent of the total revenue. not bad, up 44%. the look at
. >> thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning everybody. it's monday, august 5. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you had a fantastic weekend and you're going to have a great week ahead. fox news alert. 19 embassies will stay closed after a worldwide terrorist threat officials say is the scariest since 9/11. the newest information we have coming straight from al qaeda. >>steve: new details on a disturbing story. we may know why a driver appeared to deliberately plow their car into a crowd of people on one of the country's busiest sidewalks killing a newly wed bride on her honeymoon. details ahead. >> shocking video shows a bus driver flung from a side window. a crash. and guess what happens to him? a miracle. a story you can't miss. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: w*e seen pret -- we've seen pretty crazy points of views from inside cars but that was some of the craziest i've seen. it almost looks like the guy is in an airplane and he's sucked out through the window. my goodness. >>gretchen: i hope he's okay after we're showin
room" the former israeli defense minister will be joining us. thanks very much for joining us today. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> outfront next, america's embassies still closed. we now know the threat that prompted the closures came from the leader of al qaeda himself. >>> we have new details on that tonight, plus dramatic new images of the asiana plane crash shot moments after the plane went down. these were stunning to see today. >>> and a motorist plows into a crowd on venice beach. what we are just now learning about the driver tonight. let's go outfront. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, the developing story of the night. a terror threat directly from the leader of al qaeda. cnn is learning that an intercepted message from ayman zawahiri, to senior al qaeda operatives led to the unprecedented shutdown of 21 american embassies and consul e consulates on sunday. that warning has been extended for one week for 14 of those diplomatic posts, as you can see, concentrated in the middle east and africa. fi
, thank you for taking the time. >> you bet. >> what more can you tell us? >> i can't discuss. take the threat seriously and broad reaction to the intelligence we've received. that doesn't happen for a garden variety intelligence, garden variety chatter. it has to be pretty high level, corroborated, we have to have confidence in our sources. i can't go into specifics, this is quite different from the routine chatter we hear, and something we felt we needed to take broad action op. >> all right. so when you say quite different from the garden variety chatter and broad action. let's be honest, unprecedented action taken. i'm curious, you won't be able to answer the question as to where or when, but let me ask you this -- do you know the specifics where or when or is it true the u.s. government has an unprecedented fear of an attack but actually has no idea if it will be in one of 21 countries? >> well, i think we knew a lot more about the when. that is, that the threat was fairly immediate, centered around the end of ramadan, than we knew about the where, where is which is why closure
messages. a source familiar with the latest intelligence telling barbara starr u.s. code breakers recognized a number of specific words they believed signalled a potentially imminent attack. three intercepts got their attention. the first leader of al qaeda outlining a possible attack. the second, said to be a response from an al qaeda leader and two weeks leader the u.s. snagged a third message from him appointing a deputy. a u.s. official declined to discuss specific code words but said quote was there a sense of imminence, the overall area at risk and known actors. there was this, officials said, great concern and we know in audition to the em bbassy closings, drones launched an attack that abc news is killing four suspective al qaeda oftives. fred townson is working her sources now. homeland security external advisories boards and peter burgin and phillip mud. what do you make of this? >> in more than a decade since 9/11, we've come to understand the sorts of words, code words thaw use. you learn from them people you captured and surveillance and foreign intelligence services
the chairman of dallas holding joins us. lori: crackhouse crumbling? you know, brazil and russia and india and china falling behind performance the emerging markets still have a place in your portfolio. dennis: a little housekeeping while feeling buried under paper work at the office could be good. lori: or not. whose office is that? [laughter] in the meantime just 40 minutes away will there be a tapered timeline? let's head to the new york stock exchange with adam shapiro. >> they are pulling off of session lows the dow is only down 47 points according to one hour ago with three hours left. the s&p is back but it is down six points but shares of sallow are trading down 8 percent today still up at the 52 week high but the 52 week low was $23 a share on november 16, 2012 -- 2012 ford zillow. the president will talk about the administration's policy on zillow streamed life taking place this hours we're keeping an eye on the shares but we're pulling off on the morning's low of. >> warehousing push roselawn taking questions from the kootenays session -- q and a session from of phoenix and eric
day without a deal. cheryl herd joins us with the latest on the march. not a lot of progress made today it seems. >> reporter: not a lot today because negotiations ended earlier. hundreds are expected to show up here at the plaza tonight. it's 14th and broadway. that's the location many protests have taken place in the past. as you can see, union members are setting up for the labor rally in support of b.a.r.t. workers. a strike could happen at midnight on sunday. both sides were at the table earlier today, but negotiations ended early, so union members could attend. labor unions and community organizations from all over northern california are expected to be here. even members of the occupy movement said they will be here tonight in support of b.a.r.t. workers. that's why oakland police are concerned, unlike last time when things got out of hand during a march in oakland. police say this time they -- >> trayvon martin protesters plan to meet with the already organized union who plans to do their own rally and have their own messaging that they want to send. so we have received in
. >>> made in america, david muir takes us to meet the workers who just created the first smart phone made here at home. their new ideas and their promise that america is back. >> made in america! >>> good evening. today we all stopped to watch an incredible human drama in a cleveland courtroom. a tiny woman, a survivor, summoning the powering strength to stare down the man who had abused her for 11 years. when she finished in the bizarre turn, the kidnapper blamed his victims and insisted he was not a monster. he was somehow misunderstood. abc's alex perez takes us through the stunning showdown. >> reporter: she was his first victim, enduring 11 long years of abuse and torture. today michelle knight stood tall hugged those around her and faced down the man who held her captive. >> day turned into night, night turned into day. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. he told me that my family didn't care. >> reporter: knight was 21 years old when castro lured her in with promises of a puppy for her son. amanda berry 16 when she was abducted. today she's 27. gina dejesus wa
. one who lost track of how many he murdered. an american teen takes us inside the ruthless drug cartel that he killed for when he was just 15 years old. we begin with the biggest sports doping story since lance armstrong. the highest paid major leaguer ever. number five on the all time home run list signing autographs today. he once denied ever using steroids, then denied using them after 20034. now he's suspended for allegedly using them since then. accused of having ties to b biogenesis. a. rod drew a suspension without pay. late today he spoke to reporters. >> i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself no one will. >> he play during his appeal. he's playing tonight in chicago, where jason carroll joins us. b.j. quinn has been following this story. >> when we saw alex rod reegs ez walk into the room about an hour or so ago, he seemed to be holding back emotion. it was also evasive, in terms of answering specific questions. in terms of whether he used performance enhancing drugs. he was denied it before, asked about it again tonight. wasn't going to ge
you tell us what exactly was in that message that got officials to go at it with this unprecedented shutdown? >> reporter: erin, good evening. the message from the leader of al qaeda in pakistan and it was to a man named nasser al wahishi, leader of al qaeda in yemen, and now zawahiri is number two. first of all, you have this unprecedented link between the core al qaeda group back in pakistan and this growing al qaeda presence in yemen. the message by all accounts was very specific in terms of zawahiri saying to the guys in yurman, do something. do something big. do something now, essentially. that set off alarm bell abells washington. and in fact we want to be clear. cnn had this information over the weekend. we made a decision not to broadcast a lot of specific detail, because the government has concerns about the security risk and potentially it invol d involved. then other news agencies including the "new york times" and another news service published it and it became in the public arena widely and we wanted our viewers to know everything we knew about it. >> a tough decision,
and gas facilities, and seize two ports, but i can't help but notice the u.s. diplomatic post throughout the region remain closed. is it safe to assume that the u.s. does not believe that that's the attack that was ordered? >> every single day we make decisions about how to keep the men and women who serve arrange the world safe, how to keep american sith sense safe. we certainly work closely with the yemeni government, but we evaluate information as it comes in. we have remaining concerns about the threats, and we have not made an announcement to reopen the embassy, but we continue to evaluate. >> i'm assuming our viewers can read between the lines on that answer. thank you. >>> how much concern does the obama administration have that by closing all these embasses and consequence las, the u.s. may appear to be running scared from the region, feeding into this criticism we've heard from some hawks about waning u.s. influence, the suggestion that nobody is daunted by the u.s. anymore. was that a concern at all when this was issued? >> well, i think, jake, that the american people would be
>>>. >> good evening, everyone and thanks for joining us. there is a manhunt under way in downtown oakland tonight after four people were shot. police say the shooter and another man were seen breaking into a car on telegraph avenue around 4:00 this afternoon. police say they smashed a car window and stole a purse. witnesses chased off the men, but came back and opened fire. >> i hear a bunch of sirens and i hit the corner and people were there shot. i found out my girl got shot and all of this over a broken window and a few meaningless possessions. it's pointless. >> one of the victims is in critical condition tonight. three others are expected to survive. another shooting in oakland. this one last night. two people were kill and two others wounded after a shooting at a birthday party just after 11:00 near 105th avenue and san le apd row boulevard. police fount three people suffering for gunshot wounds. two died and the third was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. a fourth showed up later at the emergency room. that person is listed in stable condition. a well-known sur
investor not done yet in a fox business exclusive. ichan tells us he is done biting dell's shares. today his company just released earnings. wait until you see how icon enterprises is really doing. and should you order up? a top money manager says that you would have to be crazy not to be invested in u.s. stocks right now. the dow 20,000 will happen. he will share his top stock picks with you. ito begins right now. ♪ good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz claman, the last hour of trading. well, another fed president to says depending upon certain metrics we should be ready to start tapering. the president of the cleveland federal reserve bank said this you would be ready to scale back the debt fed bond buying program if the labor market continues to improve, but she did not specify the timing on this. nonetheless, she is saying if we continue on this introductory we have been following right now, it should be time to soon start tapering. we will ask former treasury secretary paul o'neill about those comments and so much more, what he thinks washington should be doing to do the u.s. economy
b.a.r.t. headquarters. >> that's going to do it for us. >>> on our broadcast tonight -- judgment day for the man who held three young women captive for a decade. a dramatic day in court as one of the women bravely confronts her captor and the man described as a monster is allowed to speak at length. >>> walking free, despite warnings from the u.s. not to do it. russia has given a home to nsa leaker eard snowden and the showdown with the u.s. just got worse. >> new parts. the choice millions of us are making to get out of chronic knee pain and get new ones installed. tonight, dr. nancy snyderman on one of the most popular surgeries for americans. some who put it off for far too long. >>> and making history. a woman who has already broken barriers now on the verge of going where no woman has ever gone before. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. as it unfolded in court today, in cleveland, ohio, a live television audience was allowed to see a man who has been described as a monster, who for over a decade held young prisoners in his home. and during his long and rambling rem
at the top stories we're following this hour right now. >>> nearly two dozen u.s. embassies get ready to close their doors amid fears of a terror attack. a former u.s. ambassador says this move is unprecedented, and the threat is impacting u.s. travelers everywhere around the world. the message to americans around the world next. >>> one of the cleveland women abducted by ariel castro goes back to the home where she was held prisoner for 11 years. we have neighbors' reaction to michelle knight's incredible strength. >>> a global travel alert is in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there is growing intelligence that al qaeda is planning an attack possibly in the middle east or north africa. as a precaution, the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow mostly in that region, and the threat is expected to last until the end of august. emily schmidt is live for us in washington. so, emily, former u.s. ambassador said today this is unprecedented. how big of a step is this to close so many embassies at once? >> we hear officials saying
be with again. >> thanks for joining us america lives starts right now. nstarting with a fox news alert. dozens of employees have been air lifted in yemen. there was a decision to evacuate and growing concerns over extremely high security threat level. welcome everyone to america live. i am jamie colby. >> and i am gregg jarret. we are in for megyn kelliy. the state department is urging all american citizens to get out and leave the country. intelligence officials have increased chatter about an imminent attack in and around the araban peninsula where a dangerous al-qaeda have set up shop. the british government also shut down their own embassy in yemen followed six days of increased u.s. drone strikes due to the threat that prompted the closure of 19 u.s. embassy and consulates in the middle east and africa. wendall joins us. >> the latest drone strike occurred when four suspected members of al-qaeda were killed in the car they were riding in. shortly after that attack the state department announced the u.s. embassy was evacuated and appears more than nonessential personnel was f
>>> well, that's it for us here on "new day" "cnn newsroom" with anna begins right now. >> thank you, nice it see you guys. happening now in "newsroom." president obama sitting on jay leno's couch for 45 minutes talking about terror, lunch with hillary, the olympics and trayvon martin. >> there are some things that we can do to foster better understanding and to make sure that we don't have laws in place that encourage the kind of violent encounter. >>> plus, an emotional plea and a massive manhunt. a father and a personal message to his kidnapped daughter. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >>> also, help wanted. hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs coming to tennessee. the best business story you will hear all day. >>> plus, this -- >> my father spent three years restoring this car. it is his love. it is his passion. >> it's his fault he didn't lock the garage. >> for sale. the house that made it famous from "ferris bueller's day off" on the market. "newsroom" starts right now. >>> good morning fro
>> bret: i mean, he was fired up. okay. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online. if you haven't checked it out, you should. it starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, putin put down. president obama sends a very public message to the russian president, but will it get the white house any closer to arresting the secret leaker ed snowden. and big controversy in florida after teenagers beat a classmate on a school bus and a father's plea to his child's suspected kidnapper. >> i'm begging to you let my daughter go. >> shepard: this man, suspected of killing a woman, murdering a child, and abducting this teenage girl. >> we all miss you, hannah, we love you so much. >> they could have gone to another state. they could have gone to another country potentially. we just don't know at this point. >> shepard: tonight, the search for hannah. >> shepard: tearing down cleveland's house of horrors where ariel castro imprisoned three girls for years. one of his vic
. >>> "outfront" next. moves closer to war, u.s. officials telling cnn that navy destroyers could execute a mission in syria within hours of the president's orders. >>> and an exclusive update on the three women held captive for a decade in cleveland's house of horrors and why the city is demolishing even more homes around the house today. >>> and a massive wild fiern continues to burn out west. san francisco's water and power supply now being threatened. let's go outfront. >>> i'm jessica yelly in for erin burnett. breaking news, a u.s. official tells cnn that the u.s. is prepared to strike syria, quote, within hours. that is if an it's a big "if" the president orders military action. today, the obama administration laid out its case for retaliation because it says the syrian government did, in fact, use chemical weapons against its own people. >> anyone who could claiming that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated, needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass. what's before us today is real and it is compelling. president obama believes that
with a lifetime ban, though, for allegedly using performance enhancing it could happen at any moment. we'll bring it to you when it happens. >>> many are wondering why we still don't know what brand of salad is behind the sickness. we've known for days some prepackaged salads are the surs. why aren't officials saying which brand it is. what is this linked to. we get an explanation it was a variety of greens, it may not be on the shelves. >> not on the shelves anymore so don't worry about it, but people are worried. >>> first the story we'll talk about is this terror threat the state department is shutting down key u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east including egypt and israel doing it based on a "credible and serious" threat to u.s. targets overseas so let's go to cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon. good morning, barbara. what's going on? >> good morning, chris. this may be the most significant shutdown of u.s. embassies since the 9/11 attacks. the u.s. is closing embassies around the world after what one senior u.s. official told cnn was more than the usual chatter about a potentia
. god bless. >> you might imagine the story is unfolding fast. paul is joining us from san diego with the latest. the spotting of the vehicle. what do we know about this, paul? >> well, anderson, we know that oregon state authorities issued a statement saying, and they are hedging terms that first they believe the car was spotted near alturist, california in the northeast corner of the state and it was going northbound. then a second reported sighting of that vehicle in question that in lake view, oregon. an amber alert has now been issued in the state of oregon for the vehicle that they have been searching for for the past three days. >> do we know what time the vehicle was spotted? >> yes, we do. we understand in lake view, oregon, it was at 2:00 this afternoon and previous to that was the spotting in alturist, california, with the direction being northbound. that would be consistent the direction you would travel to get in to oregon and they say it could have gone toward nevada at that point, as well. >> i want to keep the pictures on the screen as much as possible in case any
of pictures of the chains that he used to restrain them, of a gun. they even brought in a model of a house, exactly where they lived, showing where the women were forced to use the bathroom. what new did you learn today, martin? >> reporter: well, i mean, i guess what's interesting is, of course, this is a sentencing hearing so it should have been a arather perfunctory event, but it became a mini trial. the reason the prosecution wanted to do this was to get on the record how bad ariel castro was and just the fact that he had pled guilty and that he's got life and 1,000 years, no. they wanted to make sure he would never get out and they wanted to make sure that history new the recording of his depravity. so that's why you saw these images of the rooms, and they weren't just rooms. they were cells. they had chains in them. and these were horrible chains, not that there's any good chain. but to look at them, they weighed over 90 pounds added up, stretched over 90 feet. you saw that this was beyond just someone being held captive. it was torture. it was depravity. and it was someone being dim
>> despite the booze, a-rod hit a single. thanks for being with us tonight. see you again tomorrow night. go to a lot happening. good night from washington. good night from washington. guilffoyld and bob beckel and she naps on the deck of her malibu barbie dream house with dana perino. it is 5:00 and we are open for business. 20 embassies across the globe are closed this weekend due to terror chatter. well, not really across the globe, in certain parts of the globe. let me put it this way, if you are anywhere christians are welcome, you are okay. so they are closed for fear of attack, what movie is responsible for this? shark nato? "smores 2"? -- "smores 2"? but they don't just raise questions, they also raise the dead. i thought al-qaeda was deceased. now i realize it is the paul mccartney of terror groups and their death was a hoax. if al-qaeda is no longer a serious threat what constitutes a serious one? this? these? this? if al-qaeda was no longer a threat anthony wiener was no longer a perv. i am not making light of this. i never thought al-qaeda
after u.s. stocks logged their waft day in over a month. among the reasons that were cited, fed fears, you had fed president dennis lockhart and charles evans suggesting the central bank could begin tapering easy money program as early as september. there was some doubts after that lousy jobs report we got last friday. but there is more fed talk today. philadelphia's charles plosser will be speaking at 12:30 on his economic outlook and cleveland's sandro pianalto talking about an hour later on the regional economy. in the meantime, the bank of japan kicked off a two-day meeting today, widely expected to maintain its pledge of increasing monetary base at an annual pace of 600 billion to $0 $700 billion. t we'll be watching very chosely. european trading, you can see the stocks there are off a little bit too. the worst performances the ftse 100, down over 1.2%. down about 80 points. the u.s. equity futures here are looking like they are also indicated lower. the dow futures are indicated down by almost 60 points. s&p futures off by just over 7 points, and, again, the decline we saw yest
correspondent kristin welker joins us from the white house. kristin, this is only the latest irritant between the two over syria and other issues. this snowden affair certainly was what set them over the edge. >> reporter: it was. this was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. i've been talking to senior administration officials and they're really stressing that idea this afternoon, that russia's decision to grant snowden temporary asylum is a part of a number of tensions that have existed between the united states and russia leading up to today. that is something that they emphasized in the statement that they put out, andrea. i'll read you part of the statement by jay carney. he says, quote, given our lack of progress on issues such as missile defense and arms control and trade and commercial relations, global security issues, we have informed the russian government that we believe it would be more constructive to postpone the summit until we have more results from our shared agenda. so really pointing out a number of the issues that exist between the two countries, as you said, an
to thank you-all. god bless. >> as you might imagine this story is unfolding fast. paul joins us from sandy ye die with the latest. the spotting of the vehicle, what do we know? >> reporter: first, they believe the car was spotted near the extreme northeast corner of the state of california and was vehicle was going for ing northd a second reported siting in lake view, oregon. an amber alert is issued in the state of oregon for the vehicle they have been searching for for the past three days, anderson. >> do we know exactly what time the vehicle was spotted? >> yes, we do. we understand in lake view, oregon, it was at 2:00 this afternoon and previous to that was the spotting in california with the direction of the vehicle being north mound. that would be consistent with the direction you would travel to get into oregon and possibly it could have gone towards nevada at that point, as well. >> i want to keep the pictures on the screen as much as possible, just in case anybody out there has seen either of these kids or the man believed to be holding at least one of them right now. paul, are au
>> the spokesman told us that they explore the what-ifs in the world. we stand behind all of our content. that's it for "the lead." i will turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." mr. blitzer? >>> happening now, relations with russia. president obama calls off a meeting with president putin. and you have 15 years, oprah winfrey returns. the butler, racism in america, and the success of her own cable network. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama formally canceled the meeting next month with president putin. why? because of russia's offer of asylum to edward snowden. that is just the tip of an icebe iceberg. let's go live to our chief white house correspondent jessia yellin. she has all the latest for us. >> wolf, for a while the u.s. tried to reset relations for russia. if the administration had big hopes to reduce nuclear stockpiles or agree on how to press iran and syria for civility in the middle east. thanks to the breakdown in relations over edward snowden, now the goals are even further out of reach. also also set no thanks to r
the photographs for a moment, you talk about some cash that was found in the house. did mr. castro use his assets in terms of his cash monies that he had on hand to run an internal batt barter economy, if you will, with his victims? >> on occasion. >> would he after sexually abusing them throw money at them saying here, you're being paid for this, in essence? >> there were reports of that. >> and would he then in turn if they wanted something special from the store demand payment of them for those monies for him to go out and get items they were requesting. >> occasionally as well, yes. >> now, before you is who? >> amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. >> and this is the now well-known commercial production of their thank you statement that was shot from that video. >> yes. >> is that how they appeared to you on that day or the initial days? >> no. >> what was different? >> as i mentioned, the women had made dramatic recoveries, i believe, physically and psychologically. so their initial appearance to be was considerably more dire. >> the photo of michele knight that's on the screen bef
negative the commercials were being taken off the air immediately. >>> u.s. embassy is shutting down a terror threat, closing the doors to more than a dozen embassies and consulates around the world. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> locked up for life. a man who kidnapped, tortured and inprisoned three women, faced one of the heroic survivors in court. he tries to explain why he is not a monster. >>> a record day on wall street. this as we're just hours away from a new jobs report. what all this means to your money. >> only good things. i'm john burman. >> i'm christine romans. it is friday, august 2nd. the good news it's friday. and the bad news is it's 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. in the east. a serious and credible terror let prompting the u.s. state department to close more than a dozen embassies and consulate on sunday in the middle east and across the muslim world, including those in egypt and israel. officials say the unspecified let is directed at u.s. targets overseas and may not be confined to diplomatic posts. we'll get more now from cnn's barba
>> he found 2.05 dimamond call me. >> that is it for us. "special report" is next. >>> this is a fox news alert. due to the threat of terror attacks the state department is preparing to close or keep closed for a certain amount of time certain embassies in various hot spots around the middle east such as egypt, iraq and afghanistan. that list could be a lot longer. the spokesman says the department has obtained information and that it is making the move out of an abundance of caution. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. we will have more for you when we get it. the embassies closing for terror threats. >>> on to a terror attack in the u.s. we have five days away from the trial of army major nidal hasan. we are getting a direct communication from him to fox news and you. chief intelligence correspondent tells us what hasan wants you to hear. >> reporter: on the eve of his military trial accused fort hood shooter released the hand writt written and typed documents to fox news where he appears to abandon his oath as a commissioned officer and explain his
the presidential spouse assuming more influence. it goes way beyond hello talk. lady bird used to say that the first lady was the only one who could tell the president to shut up. and then, not be fired. that influence has taken various forms. sometimes, the concerns of the first lady become the concerns of the president. lady bird johnson was very devoted to the environment. the became one of the themes of the johnson presidency. what barbara bush, who we heard earlier today, she was involved with literacy and tried to bring that emphasis to her husband's administration. they listen. they give advice. it has sometimes raise the question of who voted for her? there is the question of accountability. i think anyone who thinks that the first lady is not influential is really not being realistic. >> you have spent most of your lady,xplaining the first who perhaps more than anyone label ofre is the modern. out of that has grown a notion that she is the most influential of modern first ladies. there to that?is is there a danger in defining influence along politically activist terms? >> i d
, kidnapping and now he's probably the most wanted fugitive in the u.s. today. his thinking is going to go downhill. it's going to debilitate because he's having to come to grips with what he's done. his paranoia is increasing. now he's realizing there is no turning back. the message, really, if i were working on this case, the message would be, look, jim, what happened is horrible but you have control of the situation because you can make a big difference in what happens to hannah. we know you care about her, in your own way. you can control what happens to her by releasing her. >> you have no doubt he's following this, via the media? >> i think he is. it may not be via television unless he has access to television. that's the only means to monitor the investigation. i believe he is monitoring any source of new that is he can. >> what's done is done, but he has control of this in terms of what happens to hannah and he can make this right? >> he can start to make it right. it has snowballed. we may be able to persuade him. i hope if he's listening we can. it did get out of control. we get
and on this property. she started to make a lot of changes to the property. she started using the upstairs bedroom a lot more frequently. she converted the downstairs kitchen into an open reception room and had the kitchen moved into the back part of the house. most significantly was the construction of the presidential library. she started to make a lot of changes to the property. i am standing in the room that he used as an office for the years that he was living here in the house. lucretia garfield called this the general snuggery. this room looks pretty much how it did. she did make a few minor changes in here, "in memorium" is carved in the wood. it does have an interesting double meaning. it was also the title of james and lucretia's favorite poem. he became a first-time member of the house of representatives. the first born child, eliza died. she was only two or three. this was very tragic and it brought them much closer together than they have been. two weeks or so after the daughter's death, he told lucretia that he had been not reading this poem, "in memorial" by alfred lord tennyson. it
, just tell us who you heard it from. peter: it turned out the joke already had quite a history. bruce had heard it from consuela. consuela heard it from mayor west. west heard it from dr.hartman. hartman heard it from angela, angela from opie, opie from herbert. herbert heard it from tom tucker. tucker heard it from bender on futurama, oddly enough, for some reason. bender heard it from al harrington, harrington from reo speedwagon. ♪ heard it from a friend who ♪ heard it from a friend who ♪ ♪ heard it from another... reo speedwagon saved us several stops, as they, too, had backtracked the joke to some extent. but when their trail had led to a bartender in virginia, they had given up, much the way the world had given up on them. in fact, just to kick them a couple extra bucks, here's five seconds of "time for me to fly." no, don't! all the money goes to my bitch ex-wife! can you play our song? peter: okay, lead singer from asia. ♪ now, sure as the sun will cross the sky ♪ ♪ this lie is over... we can't go to virginia, peter. bonnie and lois planned that couples weekend t
's the warning from the u.s. government as they plan a massive embassy shutdown and issue a worldwide travel alert. >>> our presence in russia will do nothing but help fight this law. >> a new law targeting gays in russia sparks confusion and fear as that country prepares to host the winter olympics. now, some american athletes are taking a stand. >>> you look great. >> thank you. >> and guess who is saying i'm making it work. tim gunn talks fashion, politics, and shares his shocking personal choice. >>> good morning. i'm victor blackwell. >> and you are making it work this morning. >> i am trying to make it work. >> i'm brianna keilar. it's 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 on the west, and you're in the cnn "newsroom." >>> the obama administration is taking no chances. come sunday embassies and consulates across the middle east and north africa will shut their doors. it follows a new al qaeda threat. >> 22 embassies and consulates will be closed. look at the map. you can see most are in the middle east and north africa. after the closures were announced, a message said to be from the al qaeda
down yesterday. you may have opinions of your own. here is how you can share them with us. if you live outside the united states, if you could also give us opinion on that. he made a statement and thoughts known on the release yesterday saying reprimanding betrayed his country. obligations as a soldier. editors of "new york times" known --eir opinion and again, with all that in mind, your thoughts and opinions on the 35-year sentence given to bradley manning yesterday. and as we start this morning, we will start in florida on the republican line. david. good morning. guess they had to give him something, but i have an issue with the fact that what we're doing around the world cannot stand the light of day. there is a problem. there is a little saying that truth is treason is in the empire of lives. that is all i have to say. to get tell us about the role in this. what this says about those who will provide information about government activities. >> they do take an oath and all that and they do have a chain of command. you are there to do what you are told. they know that going in. i g
now. ♪ >> good morning. it is tuesday, august 27th. welcome to "morning joe," everybody. with us on set, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. hello, mike. former governor of vermont and former chairman of the democratic national committee, howard dean is with us. on the set. and in washington, pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson along with willie, joe and me. >> how are you? >> not good. >> why are you not good? >> i never saw it coming. >> what? >> i mean, seriously i feel like tony soprano at the end of "the sopranos." you never see it coming, never know where it's going to come from. >> what are you talking about? >> bobby rigs. who would have guessed, mike barnicle, that bobby rigs would have been in debt to the mob. and threw the match. threw the match. bobby rigs. >> who knows if this is true. >> what's left? >> what is left? if bobby rigs was bought -- espn reporting that the match of the century, battle of the sexes, this was -- this was like -- norman lear in the age of norman lear
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